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Basic program for beginners.

This scuba diving course trains you how to work with the diving equipment and feel comfortable during any dive.

Short scuba diver course; after you finish it you will be able to perform scuba dives with supervision.

Стрес и спомагателна дейност

По време на този курс вие ще  научите как да се предпазвате от подводни инциденти и как да предотвратявате възникването им.

This course gives us permission to dive to 30 meters in depth and trains us how to dive safely.

The dive at a mountain lake at an altitude is the most unique and incredible diving experience.

This program will aid you in proper orientation underwater

This is a course which purpose is to aid you in case you want to retrieve a specific object from the sea bottom.

During the course you will get accustomed to the configuration and maintenance of the suit.

The night scuba dive making you part of the night underwater world is an experience like no other.

During the course you will learn which are the obligatory rules for planning a scuba dive with Nitrox and also how to use it safely.

Any scuba diver who wants to master this ability should enroll in the Perfect Buoyancy course.

During the course you will get accustomed to the necessary equipment and how to arrange it.

The attractive and fascinating lectures will help you capture the underwater world in a picture, so you can show it to your friends and family.

Приключението се превръща в професия.