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Deep Diving Course

Scuba Diving Course:
Deep Diving

Deep diving broadens your scuba diving capabilities. This course gives us permission to dive to 30 meters in depth and trains us how to dive safely. The knowledge and experience acquired during the course will help us feel comfortable at greater depth. What is of utmost importance when performing deep diving is the planning.

This course will allow you to head for places in the deep that are unknown. You will dive to depths of 30 meters and see scuba diving in new light. The course is not a professional technical deep course – that is why you will learn how to perform one non-decompression dive with safe stop at the 5th meter. The instructor will teach you how to plan your scuba dives in such a way that you will be able to enjoy deeper places for scuba diving; after you complete the course you will be issued a certificate which will permit you to scuba dive at depth up to 30 meters and will be able to comfortably take part in groups diving to deeper tourist sites and shipwrecks.

3 scuba dives in open waters

Depth up to 30 meters with supervision

price: BGN 300 /equipment, instructor, underwater photos, scuba diving certificate/

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